A Range of Experiences

Standard Range
Standard Diffraction

The standard diffraction range comes in two colours and is a great starter pair for the curious.

Ultimate Diffraction Range
Ultimate Diffraction

The ultimate diffraction range comes in 20 colours and with a spiral effect these glasses are perfect for a regular clubber.

Limited Edition Range
Limited Edition Diffraction

This range merges style with experience, giving the wearer a look catering to their tastes.

Flip-up Range
Flip-up Diffraction

Flip Sunglasses and diffraction lenses, means twice the fun at shows day or night!

Kaleidoscope Range
Kaleidoscope Diffraction

Kaleidoscope Glasses are all hand crafted, these elegant yet stylish designs offer a classic and sophisticated look.

Sweetness and Light Range
Diffraction Googles

Our Sweetness and Light Diffraction Goggles range will have you seeing rainbows, spirals or cascade of other effects!

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