Croatian World Cup Sunglasses 2018

The world famous Croatian red and white checkered design on an eye-catching wayfarer frame.

Croatian Bandana

Specially designed for the Croatian market these bandanas are perfect for those of all ages who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Diffraction Slide
Diffraction Glasses Range

Diffraction Glasses create effects when light strikes the lenses which then produce a spectrum of light .

Therapy Glasses Range

Chromatherapy is the belief that color is important in healing and has been around for 1,000 years. It is believed that your body “feeds” on specific colors in the spectrum of lights, affecting your emotions.

Customizable Luminescence Sunglasses
Customizable Luminescence Sunglasses

With the battery pack you are ready to plug and play your own personal light show with the sound activation system.

Mad Max Range
Mad Max Goggles

These cyber goggles are designed for the steampunk and gothic look.

Glow Sticks Range

Super bright 6″ Glow Stick
Military Approved
12+ Hours of Visible Glow Time

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